Etsivät puhelimitse.

Outreaching youth work is here to help you find solutions in the following situations or problems:

  • You didn’t find a study place
  • You dropped out of your studies
  • You stayed home without a plan
  • You need help finding an apartment or finding a solution in a housing issue
  • You or someone close to you is worried about your substance use or overall health
  • You need guidance in finding an income
  • You need encouragement or support in something else

Outreaching youth work is mainly here to help anyone who is under 29 years old and is currently outside of education or employment.  Outreaching youth work can offer help to reach the needed services. All conversations with youth workers are kept confidential and held in a non-judgemental, relaxed manner. Our priority is to offer support under free will and all actions are based on the young adult’s own initiative.

Who can contact an outreaching youth worker? An educational institution can contact youth work when their student is dropping out of studies. Finnish military or civilian service institution can also contact outreaching youth work when a young adult is leaving service unfinished. Other officials or private persons concerned about a young adult’s life can also contact outreaching youth work.

You can also contact outreaching youth work yourself.

A contact can be made by phone, via email or in writing.


Tuesdays at Kuovi 16:00-19:00 o`clock youth house are geared towards young adults from age 17 and over.

There aren’t any specific organised activities during the evenings. Kuovi offers a variety of different things to do, such as two full sized billiard tables, table tennis, many different board games, console games and even a Bouldering wall (low climbing wall without a harness).

You don’t have to do anything, you can come just to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. You are welcome alone, or with friends. Kuovi is a free time space, come as you are when the doors are open. Present at Kuovi during the evenings are an outreach youth worker and a youth worker.

Outreach youth workers can help you with a multitude of different things if you need help, such as searching for an apartment, wading through KELA papers or other official documentation or job search and education. If you need help or support, you can handily ask during the evenings – if you wish for some privacy, there are spaces to talk privately.

Kuovi youth house is also an excellent place to just hang out with friends!