Summer jobs


Summer working weeks for young people

The City of Rauma Youth Services is hiring 100 young people from Rauma for summer work weeks. The job requires applicants to be aged between 14 and 17, to be 14 years old during the current year and to be from Rauma. Preference will be given to young people with no previous work experience.

The working week lasts from four to five days and the total number of hours worked is 20. The salary is EUR 75. When you apply, you can indicate whether you would prefer to work either with children or on various maintenance tasks (including green and cleaning tasks). Wherever possible, we will endeavour to fulfil your wishes.
The summer working weeks for the summer of 2024 will be spread over three different weeks:

  • 3.-7.6.
  • 10.-14.6.
  • 17.-20.6.

The application period for summer workweeks is 22.1.-15.3.2024. from this link.

Summer work voucher for young people

In 2024, summer work vouchers will be awarded to young people born between 2003 and 2008 in Rauma or coming from Rauma.

The booking period for summer work vouchers starts on Thursday 1.2.2024. The first summer work vouchers will enter into force on Wednesday 7.2., when all those who have applied for summer work vouchers by then will receive a booking confirmation or a queue place by e-mail. From now on, bookings or possible queue places will be confirmed once a week; on Wednesdays.

One voucher per person will be issued. The value of one voucher is €400.

Please note that you cannot have a Summer Entrepreneurship Programme grant overlapping with a Summer Work Voucher.
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Summer Entrepreneurs of Lace Town 2024

Summer entrepreneurship is an alternative to traditional summer work. The 2024 application period for the Summer Entrepreneurship of Lace Town Programme starts on Thursday 1.2. Young people born between 2003 and 2008 in Rauma can apply.

Applications will be accepted from 30 eager young entrepreneurs. Selected young people will be eligible for a City of Rauma Summer Entrepreneurship Grant of €400, which will be paid if the eligibility criteria are met.

Please note that you cannot have a Summer Entrepreneur Programme grant or a place in the Pikaduuni campaign on top of a summer work voucher.
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