Extending compulsory education

Extending compulsory education

Every young person living in Finland will complete a secondary-level qualifcation. Compulsory education lasts until you turn 18. Young people who have completed primary and lower secondary school (basic education) are obliged to apply for further studies. All those who are finishing lower secondary school must apply for further education in the joint application procedure in the spring or in the rolling application procedure.

The extension of compulsory education is also a promise of free upper secondary education. So, in addition to the education and school meals that are already free of charge, things like textbooks, school journeys that are longer than seven kilometres, supplies and other materials needed in lessons, and final tests are then all free of charge.

More information on the extension of compulsory education you may ask over compulsory education coordinator.

Amanda Kaskisto

compulsory education coordinator

tel. 044 403 6249



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